Every Day Life on a Ceylon Cocoa Estate

by Mary E. Steuart
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Miss Gordon Cumming and others have written so well and so exhaustively on the subject of Ceylon that there is little left to say, and I should not have presumed to put in my word were it not that, writing as I do from a Planter's Bungalow, I think I have tapped a new and different stratum of information.

Should you, my dear Sir, or Madam, who have lived in the island as many years as I have months, perchance open this little book, my earnest advice is, "Close it at once." Your experienced eye will find nothing but the tritest of truisms.

My point of view must needs be superficial. I write mainly as a woman to women - the mothers, sisters, and future wives in England of the young Planters in Ceylon, to give them some few details of the daily life on a Ceylon Cocoa Estate as I have known it, details which the women who stay at home crave to know, and the men who go abroad mostly disdain to give.

Mary E Steuart

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