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Capt. Robt. Knox.

Capt. Robt. Knox.

See Knox’es Aspect here by White designd. Peruse his Book: thou’lt better see his Mind. Captive, like Iacob’s Ofspring, long detaind: Like them at last by Grace he Freedom Gaind. Parting for Spoils they Ægypts Iewels took. He Ceylon’s left yet (strange) they’r in his Book.

R. H. 30 Dec. 1695.

Historical Relation
Of the Island


With an ACCOUNT of the Detaining in Captivity the AUTHOR and divers other Englishmen now Living there, and of the AUTHOR’S Miraculous ESCAPE.

Illustrated with Figures, and a Map of the ISLAND.
By ROBERT KNOX, a Captive there near Twenty Years.

Printed by Richard Chiswell, Printer to the ROYAL SOCIETY, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul’s Church-yard, 1681.

Etext 14346 2004 December
Michael Ciesielski, Jeroen Hellingman,
The Project Gutenberg
Distributed Proofreading
E-Book format
2005 April
Lakdiva Books
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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